WB RIB 575

The best partner for group outings!

Available in 2 models, the 575 and the 626, with capacity for 8 and 10 people respectively, the RIB is the best partner for group outings. Hypalon tubes for greater longevity, long lasting maintenance at sea and a reduced draft that allows access to any cove; but above all, an unbeatable power/weight ratio. With its elegant design, the RIB combines feel and practicality.


L.O.A 5.75m 18'10"
Beam 2.45m 7'10"
Draft 0.30m 0'11"
Air draft w.out tower 0,76m 2'5"
Air draft with tower 1.80m 5'10"
Height 1.14m 3'08"
Height + tower 2.17m 7'1"
Weight w. out PWC 250kg 551 Ibs
Maximum HP 310HP -
Minimum HP 90HP -
Maximum payload 600 kg 1322 Ibs
Person Capacity 8 -
Maximum speed 50 Nudos 92 kmh
CE Category C -
Storage compartimentes 1 -

Models 2021

WB RIB 575 Deck Out

Arctic Grey Hypalon tubes 1100 DTEX

White hull / Storm grey cushions

Rear seat in front of jet

Compatibility kit

WB RIB 575 Sundeck

Arctic gray Hypalon tubes 1100 DTEX

White hull / Grey cushions

Rear seat

Front hammock and storage

Compatibility kit

WB RIB 575 Full Wake

Bi colour black / white tubes

Black coloured hull / White cushions

Hypalon tubes 1100 DTEX 

Rear seat in front of jet / Wake board tower

Integrated Bimini

Compatibility kit